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We are masseuse team and pedicure girls local.

The service firs only are massage to 2004, 18 years ago before, only one a masseuse founder Teresa Habana that with perseverance and optimism and thanks to your mentor Kathy Fritz, state of California USA, significantly influenced love and dedication to service.

Until 2008 the company was consolidated with 3 local masseuse under the responsibility of our founder, that teach with dedication and love. The first service only were to home with the support of companies how Palapas Ventana demanded build what until now is the study of massage with capacity 2 massage at same time, next with Club Cerralvo where the pedicure and manicure services were consolidated with more strength started 7 years ago and of course with the possibility of a couple massage. 

The massage does with 100% artisanal coconut oil, prepared and imported from the state of Oaxaca from there our founder is born. 

Chica de pedicure, manicure y facial
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